Why Us?

The SU Network team have an understanding and expertise in managing, developing and expanding marketing and sponsorship sales at Students’ Unions. Over the past five years, we have worked with multiple SU partners as extended members of their Business Development and Finance team, enhancing sales opportunities and increasing revenues. We have opened up these opportunities to our large client network, while remaining passionate about delivering a first class service focused on relationship management.

Being part of Kent Union and understanding the pressures such charitable organisations face, our priorities are to ensure that Students’ Union values are maintained, while helping you improve the way you deliver your Business Development strategy for as long as is needed.

> > >As an SU Network partner you can

Grow your advertising and sponsorship sales to reach and surpass annual targets.

Have proactive staff dedicated to expanding your network of clients, both locally and nationally.

Be in regular contact with our team in the form of sales and finance progress updates, and regular site visits.

Have access to finance support, alleviating the work of invoicing clients and chasing bad debtors.

Reduce internal pressures and deliver a sales strategy that is tailored to you.

Be part of a growing network, with the overall goal of improving the national student experience.

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